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Intelligent Lighting Design Takes Pride In Designing Optimized Lighting Environments For Improved Visual Experience, Enhanced Quality Of Life, & To Better Support Holistic Wellness.

ILDC Specializes In:

  • Human Centric Lighting

  • EMF Mitigation Lighting

  • UV Disinfectant Lighting


We Have A Healthy Fascination With Light

Light is as essential to life as air, food, & water. 

The quality of your lighting environments is an important determinant of your visual experience, holistic wellness and quality of life, and the qualities and characteristics of indoor lighting and lighting equipment also affect:

  • Behavioral, biological and emotional function & well being

  • EMF (Electro-Magnetic Field) levels and exposure

  • Pathogen load levels


Recent studies show that between home, work & travel, Americans spend over 90% of their lives indoors under electric lighting. 

Since we spend so much time under electric light, it would be wise to pay closer attention to the lighting technologies we use to provide light in high use residential & commercial applications, and how  those technologies affect the Human Condition.

Intelligent Lighting Design creates superior indoor environments that enhance the user experience in a more holistic way by integrating advanced lighting & controls technologies with Human Centric, EMF Mitigation, & UV Disinfectant design strategies for superior interiors that help you to see, feel, look, & live better, the way nature intended.

The Light Source That Best Meets Our Needs Is Natural Sunlight

Commodity electric light is a poor substitute for sunlight & it does not properly support the intrinsic needs of humans through the day & night the way sunlight does.

Intelligent Lighting Design integrates spectrally engineered lighting equipment & intelligent lighting controls with advanced lighting design principles to elevate the quality of residential & commercial interior spaces, so your indoor environments can better support your lifestyle through the 24-hour day cycle.  

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Intelligent Lighting Design Philosophy

Light is among the most influential elements of life.


The quality & characteristics of lighting environments are an important determinant of quality of life, productivity, & holistic wellness.


Intelligent Lighting Design strives to create superior lighting environments & to replicate the quality & characteristics of sunlight as our primary objective.

To accomplish this, we consider these points among our top priorities:

Light Bulb

Visible Light is the small portion of the electromagnetic spectrum shown above that is perceived by the Human Eye & has wavelengths between 400 & 700 nanometers.  

Research has shown that 
the transitioning spectrum of sunlight through the 24-hour day provides the essential electromagnetic spectrum humans need for optimized wellness & productivity.

Intelligent Lighting Design places an emphasis on the spectral content of your lighting environment, so the equipment we specify on our projects is specified based on the human centric benefits they provide, according to the client's needs. 

Eye strain, headaches, stress, & many other adverse conditions are often caused by, or are exacerbated by, harsh lighting and glare that comes from poorly designed lighting systems.

Studies show that the characteristics & quality of the daylight environment at midday creates the ideal conditions for visual accuracy, physical & mental aptitude as well as performance.

Intelligent Lighting Design considers the position of light sources, the size of the light points, & the intensity of light based on application to create evenly illuminated, glare free environments that more closely replicate the daytime environment than typical lighting layouts.



Color Stain

The transition of the sunlight spectrum throughout the day acts like a biological clock for humans. This is known as circadian rhythm.

Morning gently wakes us with the warmth of sunrise, giving way to the energizing whitening of daylight as the sun rises beyond the horizon & high into the sky. As the daytime wanes into night & the sun descends towards the west,  the afternoon & evening skies radiate the restful warmth of sunset. This cycle & the transitioning spectrum of sunlight energy that coincides with it are vital to properly support the intrinsic needs of human physiological & emotional well being.

Intelligent Lighting Design utilizes the latest in lighting & control technologies to create circadian supportive environments for superior user experience & to better support holistic wellness. 

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