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Lighting Is Our Passion

Intelligent Lighting Design & Consultation LLC is committed to creating superior lighting environments for the purpose of improving the quality of life & holistic wellness for the users.

Lead by Jim Morrison, a 40+ year lighting technology specialist,  we recognize light as the essential element of life, & we are passionate about understand light better & propagating better indoor lighting environments. Without light is there dark, cold & lifelessness, but with light is vision, warmth & life.


Because light is so important to life & to the human experience, we believe the quality of the indoor light we are exposed to should be optimized to meet the intrinsic needs of the user, based on the specific activities of the user, and the physiological needs of that user.. That means aligning indoor light quality and characteristics as closely as possible to natural light.

Considering the fact that Americans spend over 90% of their lives indoors under electric lighting, we also think more attention & resources should be invested in improving indoor light quality in the same way we invest in improving indoor air quality, climate control, water quality, safety when planning and budgeting  the construction process.

Intelligent Lighting Design & Consultation integrates leading edge lighting & controls technologies to create superior lighting environments that better meet the intrinsic needs of the user than conventional lighting designs.


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Our Process

As important as light is to the human experience, our needs from light change as the day passes & our activities change, & our lighting systems should be able to change with us. 

To create the right lighting & controls strategies for our clients, our first step is a virtual meeting where we review project plans & discuss the client's lifestyle & priorities.


Once we have an understanding of client expectations, Intelligent Lighting Design will create a proposal for the design & specification process. Upon acceptance of the design & specification proposal, Intelligent Lighting Design & Consultation will work with the client and/or client representatives to refine the lighting design to meet the client needs, while maintaining ILDC LLC performance standards.

During the design consultation, we will at minimum discuss these areas of lighting need: 

General Illumination

Good lighting design is executed in layers. General Lighting provides the occupant with proper illumination to safely carry out the tasks that the space is intended for.

Fixture positioning, aperture size, spectrum, intensity and control decisions are critical at this stage. 



Cove Lighting is essential layer to a proper Human Centric lighting environment. 

In nature, sunlight does not shine down like recessed lighting does, but instead, sunlight radiates at more gentle angles to the eye. Cove lighting simulates that softer angle and by adjusting the spectrum the light can support better Circadian function.

Art Lighting

Properly illuminated art communicates with the observer so much better than when it is not.

Subtle adjustments of hue, saturation and CCT have tremendous affect on how an object looks. The four images on the right are the same print under four different lighting recipes, each highlighting different colors.

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Ketra Art Lighting Effects.png

Back Lighting

Backlighting translucent materials adds a new dimension to counter and table tops, walls, floors and ceilings. 

Intelligent Lighting Design and Consultation designs, specifies and supplies back lighting equipment to installation contractors and fabricators to elevate your project to the next level.

Blue Print

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